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Birthdate:Jul 26
Location:The Rock, (states/regions/territories), Canada
OceansEdge is: have you heard the winds whistling and seen the loon gliding on it? Have you heard the waves lapping and seen the loon playing in the surf? Have you heard the crackle of the bonfires and seen the dreams of the loon in the flames? Have you heard the grass growing in the earth and seen the loon build his home in it's soft embrace? Then you have seen my friend OceansEdge... yep she's a LOON.

Born in Cape Breton, 25 years in the GTA (yes that's Greater Toronto Area), 6 years in Manitoba, living in Newfoundland, married to an Aussie - don't bother trying to figure out the accent it'll only hurt yourself.

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Schrodinger's cat is a koan.
B2 d t- k+ s u-- f i o++ x+ e+ l+ c+

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."
Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

My status

That wonderful, handsome, silly ol' Australian bear I married would be [profile] james_b, and the wedding website is here.

Provincial Airlines Those wonderful people I work for.

Home. Webcam on the TCH at Foxtrap, about 10 minutes from the house. Still we need to set up a webcam with a better view near the house.

And cause well... cause, if you're interested, my wishlish
of books music and movies.


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